About Us

Kennedy Mutton Market is a traditional family butchery and has been in existence for the past 43 years. We are situated in 192 Foreman road, Sydenham, Durban.

Perfect looking mouth-watering lamb chops and stacks of thick, juicy spare ribs, delicious sizzling sausages as well as Cornish hens, culls, Muscovy ducks, offal’s (Cleaned sheep heads, trotters, jaw bones, tripe etcetera) and seafood are just some of the wide range of delicious products we offer.

We offer high quality products at low prices as well as excellent service. Kennedy Mutton Market strives to offer fresh, delicious and high quality meat products to our customers. We also offer buy-and-braai services, spit braai and catering.

At Kennedy Mutton Market we believe that the quality of our meats start with the rigorous screening of suppliers, followed by a quality selection of fresh meat. As meat is received we follow stringent hygiene standards, modern equipment and knowledgeable staff to ensure that our customers receive top quality meat. We continue to deal with the highest quality mutton, lamb, chicken, sausages and cold meats.


Welcome to one of South Africa’s oldest family tradition Mutton, Lamb and Poultry Butchers.
Kennedy Mutton was originally established in the 1940’s at the Indian market- Old Victoria Street by Rajpal Rampersad, it started out by selling offal. When Kennedy established in 1975 Rajen Rajpal ran the butchery under Bob Rampersadh’s supervision. He later purchased the business and began operating it on his own. There are loads of top-quality products at low prices and excellent service, Kennedy Mutton is well equipped to extend these services to its customers.